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Microsoft Word for Mac

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  • Tööstuse standard, laialdaselt kasutatav tekstitöötlusprogramm
  • Support for the DOCX, DOC, and ODT formats
  • Kohandatud rakenduse tööruumi tööriistariba paigutused
  • Focus View for maximizing space for writing and reading documents
  • Reorder Objects for rearranging layers of text, graphics, and photos
  • Kirjaühendamise dokumentide loomine ja andmebaaside integreerimine
  • Täpsem makroskriptimise tugi

Microsoft Word for Mac is an industry-standard sõnatöötlus programmis sisalduv programm Microsoft Office for Mac suite along with Excel Macile ja PowerPoint Macile. It was originally developed for only Windows but is now available for macOS, as well.

Word is used to create documents for personal and business use, such as reports, essays, resumes, posters, brochures, and newsletters. The word processor includes basic and advanced page and text formatting capabilities. Some advanced features include a Focus view for maximizing space for writing and reading documents, coauthoring for simultaneous collaborating, and Reorder Objects for rearranging layers of text, graphics, and photos. Word saves documents in the Office Open XML . DOCX format, while still supporting the old Doc. format. The application also provides support for the OpenDocument (Odt) vormingus.

Once you begin creating or editing your document, the word processor gives you ribbon-style toolbars and other document authoring and styling options. The Word user interface lets you manipulate text, pictures, shapes, SmartArt, and charts included in your document. Word includes thousands of downloadable online document malle, which serve as a starting point for creating new documents. Templates are available for several types of documents, including brochures, business forms, labels, envelopes, menus, newsletters, and planners. Custom templates, which are saved as .DOTX files, can also be created for company letterheads and other types of documents that require a consistent appearance.

Word for Mac brings Microsoft Word to the macOS platform. Its word processing features, support of popular office productivity file formats, and wide use set the application apart from the rest of the pack. If you are able to afford the Office 365 annual subscription, Microsoft Word for Mac is a great solution for all of your word processing needs.

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. DOCX - Microsoft Wordi avatud XML-dokument

Other file extensions used by Microsoft Word for Mac 2019

Toetatud failitüübid
. BMPBittkaardi pildifail
.CRTXOffice 2007 diagrammi mallifail
Doc.Microsoft Wordi dokument
Doc.WordPadi dokument
.DOCHTMLMicrosoft Wordi HTML-dokument
.DOCMWordi avage XML-i makrotoega dokument
.DOCMHTMLMicrosoft Wordi MIME HTML-dokument
.DOTWordi dokumendimall
.DOTHTMLMicrosoft Wordi HTML-dokumendi mall
.DOTMWordi avage XML-i makrotoega dokumendimall
.DOTXWord Avage XML-i dokumendimall
.EFTXOffice 2007 teemaefekt
. GifGraafiline vahetusvormingu fail
. JPGJPEG-pilt
OdtOpenDocumenti tekstidokument
. PDFKaasaskantava dokumendi vormingu fail
. PNGKaasaskantav võrgugraafika
.PSWPocket Wordi dokument
.PWIPocket Wordi dokument
. RTFRikasteksti vormingus fail
. TXTLihttekstifail
.WBKWordi dokumendi varundamine
Täiendavad seotud failivormingud
.BPSTöödokumentide varundamine
.DETSõnastiku fail
.EDRWXXPS-i joonistamisdokument
.EPSKapseldatud PostScripti fail
.GLYSõnastiku fail
.MÄNGMicrosofti graafikufail
.MHTMHTML veebiarhiiv
. TÕSTABAvage Office'i XML-seoste fail
. THMXOffice 2007 teemafail
.TXTRPTCommScope Teletilt juhtimissüsteemi aruanne
.WPFWordPerfecti vorm
.WRIMicrosofti kirjutusdokument

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